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Данные обновлены по состоянию на 20 октября 2021.
Ruble Bonds Eurobonds
yield curves main issue info prices historical prices trading activity analytics yield curves z-spreads main issue info historical prices analytics
OFZ & NDF Sovereign: yield curves Sovereign: main Sovereign: issue info Sovereign: prices Sovereign: historical prices Sovereign: trading activity Sovereign: analytics Latam Sovereign LatAm Sovereign: yield curves LatAm Sovereign: Z-spreads LatAm Sovereign: main LatAm Sovereign: issue info LatAm Sovereign: historical prices LatAm Sovereign: analytics
Regions Subfederals: yield curves Subfederals: main Subfederals: issue info Subfederals: prices Subfederals: historical prices Subfederals: trading activity Subfederals: analytics Emerging markets Emerging markets: yield curves Emerging markets: Z-spreads Emerging markets: main Emerging markets: issue info Emerging markets: historical prices Emerging markets: analytics
BBB banks BBB banks: yield curves Banks & Finance: main Banks & Finance: issue info Banks & Finance: prices Banks & Finance: historical prices Banks & Finance: trading activity Banks & Finance: analytics Russia all corporates Russia all corporates: yield curves Russia all corporates: Z-spreads Russia all corporates: main Russia all corporates: issue info Russia all corporates: historical prices Russia all corporates: analytics
BB-B & NR banks BB-B & NR banks: yield curves Banks & Finance: main Banks & Finance: issue info Banks & Finance: prices Banks & Finance: historical prices Banks & Finance: trading activity Banks & Finance: analytics Russia BBB corporates Russia BBB corporates: yield curves Russia BBB corporates: Z-spreads Russia BBB corporates: main Russia BBB corporates: issue info Russia BBB corporates: historical prices Russia BBB corporates: analytics
BBB corporates BBB corporates: yield curves BBB corporates: main BBB corporates: issue info BBB corporates: prices BBB corporates: historical prices BBB corporates: trading activity BBB corporates: analytics Russia BB & B corporates Russia BB & B corporates: yield curves Russia BB & B corporates: Z-spreads Russia BB & B corporates: main Russia BB & B corporates: issue info Russia BB & B corporates: historical prices Russia BB & B corporates: analytics
BB corporates BB corporates: yield curves BB corporates: main BB corporates: issue info BB corporates: prices BB corporates: historical prices BB corporates: trading activity BB corporates: analytics Russia all banks Russia all banks: yield curves Russia all banks: Z-spreads Russia all banks: main Russia all banks: issue info Russia all banks: historical prices Russia all banks: analytics
B & NR corporates B & NR corporates: yield curves B & NR corporates: main B & NR corporates: issue info B & NR corporates: prices B & NR corporates: historical prices B & NR corporates: trading activity B & NR corporates: analytics Russia BBB banks Russia BBB banks: yield curves Russia BBB banks: Z-spreads Russia BBB banks: main Russia BBB banks: issue info Russia BBB banks: historical prices Russia BBB banks: analytics
Fuel & Utilities Fuel & Utilities: yield curves Fuel & Utilities: main Fuel & Utilities: issue info Fuel & Utilities: prices Fuel & Utilities: historical prices Fuel & Utilities: trading activity Fuel & Utilities: analytics Russia BB & B banks Russia BB & B banks: yield curves Russia BB & B banks: Z-spreads Russia BB & B banks: main Russia BB & B banks: issue info Russia BB & B banks: historical prices Russia BB & B banks: analytics
Metals, Mining & Chemicals Metals, Mining & Chemicals: yield curves Metals, Mining & Chemicals: main Metals, Mining & Chemicals: issue info Metals, Mining & Chemicals: prices Metals, Mining & Chemicals: historical prices Metals, Mining & Chemicals: trading activity Metals, Mining & Chemicals: analytics Kazakhstan and other CIS Kazakhstan and other CIS: yield curves Kazakhstan and other CIS: Z-spreads Kazakhstan and other CIS: main Kazakhstan and other CIS: issue info Kazakhstan and other CIS: historical prices Kazakhstan and other CIS: analytics
Communication & Transportation Communication & Transportation: yield curves Communication & Transportation: main Communication & Transportation: issue info Communication & Transportation: prices Communication & Transportation: historical prices Communication & Transportation: trading activity Communication & Transportation: analytics Ukraine Ukraine: yield curves Ukraine: Z-spreads Ukraine: main Ukraine: issue info Ukraine: historical prices Ukraine: analytics
Trade, Consumers, Construction & Machinery Trade, Consumers,Construction & Machinery: yield curves Trade, Consumers,Construction & Machinery: main Trade, Consumers,Construction & Machinery: issue info Trade, Consumers,Construction & Machinery: prices Trade, Consumers,Construction & Machinery: historical prices Trade, Consumers,Construction & Machinery: trading activity Trade, Consumers,Construction & Machinery: analytics Eurobonds in RUB Eurobonds in RUB: yield curves Eurobonds in RUB: Z-spreads Eurobonds in RUB: main Eurobonds in RUB: issue info Eurobonds in RUB: historical prices Eurobonds in RUB: analytics
Top liquid bonds Top Liquid: yield curves Top Liquid: main Top Liquid: issue info Top Liquid: prices Top Liquid: historical prices Top Liquid: trading activity Top Liquid: analytics Eurobonds in other currencies Eurobonds in other currencies: yield curves Eurobonds in other currencies: Z-spreads Eurobonds in other currencies: main Eurobonds in other currencies: issue info Eurobonds in other currencies: historical prices Eurobonds in other currencies: analytics
High yield bonds High yield bonds: yield curves High yield bonds: main High yield bonds: issue info High yield bonds: prices High yield bonds: historical prices High yield bonds: trading activity High yield bonds: analytics High yield EM High yield EM: yield curves High yield EM: Z-spreads High yield EM: main High yield EM: issue info High yield EM: historical prices High yield EM: analytics
New issues (traded for the first 2M) New issues (traded for the first 2M): yield curves New issues (traded for the first 2M): main New issues (traded for the first 2M): issue info New issues (traded for the first 2M): prices New issues (traded for the first 2M): historical prices New issues (traded for the first 2M): trading activity New issues (traded for the first 2M): analytics