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Personal Investment Bank

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We offer our customers a full range of investment banking services, including those traditionally only available to institutional investors and professional participants of the securities market.

Each of our sales managers has a wealth of experience in the market and comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of financial services and products.

Their specialities include:

  • Investment advice and portfolio structuring;
  • Market expertise;
  • Management of the transaction process;
  • The creation of financial products;
  • Borrowing and lending.

Our customers receive advice directly from our renowned BCS Global Markets analysts encompassing:

  • Ongoing consultation on market developments;
  • An overview of companies, their stocks and bonds;
  • An overview of sectors and macroeconomic indicators;
  • Trading ideas backed up by sought-out reports.

To help our largest private investors make investment decisions, we organize meetings with representatives of public companies and government officials.

BCS Personal Investment Bank offers its clients the opportunity to open accounts in key jurisdictions in order to extensively cover their needs. Our companies with brokerage licenses are regulated according to all the international laws.


Oleg Achkasov
Head of Personal Investment Bank
+7 (495) 785-53-36 (5048)

Aleksandr Ikryannikov
Head of sales, Personal Investment Bank
+7 (495) 785-53-36 (7414)